Friday, February 1, 2013

Tonight is the Winter Wonderland Show!

This morning started out a little off kilter. I managed to wake up on time and was even ready for work early! I went to scrape the ice off my car as I warmed it up and when I went to slam the door to shake off the door locked itself! I tried to open it in hopes that it was just frozen but it wouldn't budge. It was a whopping 10 degrees out and my fingers were freezing by the seconds. Did I mention my car was running?

Luckily, Adam and Lexie were home and I was able to to use my sisters triple A! I was only an hour late to work and my car was rather toasty when I did get in! All of this aside, I refuse to let anything ( frost bite included!) ruin my fantastic first Friday!

I am so excited to see everyone tonight at Clash Consignments on 5th! I hope everyone is planning on making an appearance! I'm especially eager to present my new painting entitled, " the Abdominal Snowman!" I would recommend parking behind Ned Peppers in the BIG parking lot. Avoid the parking lot directly next to it between ned peppers and the Anex so as to avoid getting towed like I've had happen before! For more information visit,

See you tonight!

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